Hello Dianna, I met you today at Nature’s Treasure and just want to connect and let you know I found myself drawn to two Crystals today. It was an amazing experience, I was called to black tourmaline and the beautiful Labradorite! I also wanted to say thank you for talking with me, I felt so much better after leaving hoping to connect with you and stay connected through my journey!                                                                                                                                                                                                          Bonnie F.

…You were so completely in tune with the information relayed to me…so enlightening.
Kim L.

Wow! What an amazing experience! Thank You for your recommendations. Your information was spot on and very inspirational. I am excited to work with the crystals we found and the suggestions on how to use them.
Tammy R.

…I just wanted to say thank you again for a great class. I’ve already begun working with some of the methods you taught and I am excited to delve more. Please have another!! Taylor 🙂

I came to Nature’s Treasures and saw Dianna…the Crystal Whisperer and she spoke directly to my Soul. She read things from the energy of the crystals that were so true for me. It gave me an understanding of why I feel the way I do. This was such a profound experience!  My life path has opened up in exciting new ways since I received a reiki healing session with Dianna. Her intuitive and healing abilities are profound – she was able to hone in on where my energetic blocks were, as well as my inherent strengths and talents in this life. She has given me practical tools in continuing on my spiritual path. I feel like my own intuitive abilities have accelerated since working with her. I am very grateful to have met her!
Deborah W.

I had an awesome reading from Dianna yesterday that was so helpful on my relationship with this one beautiful crystal I have!!! Go and see for yourself!
Carolyn T.

My sessions with Dianna have been delightful. Her joyful passion is infectious. I appreciate the gentle and direct way Dianna gives you the information she receives. I felt very safe in her presence, and I could feel the other loving beings in the room happily communicating through her to me. When we were through I felt like I was wrapped in love and peace. What a wonderful gift. I feel the integrity and honor Dianna brings to her work. Dianna loves the crystals and they speak to her. Again I say; what a lovely gift!
Deborah E.