Services Offered~

AVAILABLE REMOTELY in the comfort of your home (please send photo) or in-person at the Spicewood Springs Office Park…

Vibrational Healing Session **  Based on the DaEl Walker method of crystal healing. The sessions focus on the Chakra Centers and Aura of your energy matrix which make up the reality of your physical body.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 **All packages to be completed in a 6 month period.

Tune-up (60 Minutes) – $190. Zoom or Office.                                Save with a Tune-Up Package- (3 sessions) – $525.00.

Full Session (90 Minutes ) $275.00 Zoom or Office.  *Save with a Full Session Package- (3 sessions) – $755.00 Zoom or Office.

Atlantean Healing Session ~ $190. Zoom or Office.                             These sessions are designed to balance the energy field as Atlanteans believed dis-ease was a manifestation of the imbalance in the energy field. All body systems are explored as if peeling away the layers of an onion revealing issues that continue to heal with the assistance of the Atlantean Healing Angels as well as additional Master Healers. (45 Minutes ).

Soul Retrieval Variation ~ $235. Zoom or Office.                         Fragmentation of the soul may occur when we experience trauma in our lives; this can be through shock, a trauma in childhood, sudden loss of life and injury, and loss of beloved family, friends, and pets. The fragments of our soul could have left us at different times in our lives and stay trapped within the moment of that trauma. These sessions are designed to bring back pieces (or all) of the fragments of our soul to bring about balance in our life. (60 Minutes ).

Crystal Spiritual Intuitive Reading  
Dianna will intuitively read your core essence using the energy of a chosen crystal $190. Zoom or Office.                                                                                                     Save with a combination package of 1 Vibrational Healing Tune-up and 2 Crystal Spiritual Intuitive Readings $550.00**

Pet Intuitive Reading                                                                                            Dianna will intuitively read your pet’s core essence. $95 minimum/30 minutes.

~Zoom only/Includes recording.

Crystal Personal Shopper 
Shopping for crystals, overwhelmed deciding which of the many amethysts available is the one for you or from several rose quartz which would be a good vibration for that special someone. Before you purchase bring your selection to Austin’s Crystal Whisperer. Dianna will tune in to discover which crystals are ready to create/be with you or that special someone you are gifting.

Already have your crystals? Bring them along for a Crystal Personal Shopper session with Austin’s Crystal Whisperer, and explore their “unique crystal personality”.

Please clear your crystals before your session. If you don’t have a favorite method here are a few suggestions with the exception of Vogel crystals:

  • Place crystals in the moonlight for 24 – 48 hours.
  • Place crystals in a non-plastic container with very fine play sand (available at craft or home improvement stores) that has been strained after purchase to remove anything that might scratch the crystal. Leave in the sand for 24- 48 hours.

$190.00 one hour session.

Remote Crystal Personal Shopping Session Testimonial                                                                                                                                                             The remote session was very interesting, I’m glad you agreed to go on zoom audio with me, and just ask me different questions to guide me through the experience of finding my crystals.

I thought it was amazing how you were able to see some details (not only spiritual but also physical) that I didn’t even tell you about, like when I was holding the fire quartz in my hand in a line and you just knew. I think the session went pretty smoothly since you explained how you were connecting to me and the crystals where you were located so, as long as we openly communicated about what we were envisioning and learning from the crystals it went really well.
The experience was all-around wonderful and offered me a lot of clarity especially when we were able to find a crystal pair in the pink tourmaline, which not only helped me but also my friend.
I am very impressed with your abilities to be able to tap into the energies and host such an incredible session remotely.
Thank you so much!