Live Events, Workshops, & Zoom Classes!

*See the 2023 workshop/event schedule below. In-person workshops during March & September.


Welcome Fellow Seekers…Are you searching for a point of light in this perception of chaotic energy? 

  • Are you awakening to a new level of contribution in the world & need more tools and guidance to unveil what you desire to present in the world?

  • Do you desire assistance bringing your subconscious soul knowledge to your conscious awareness?

  • A deepening of your intuitive skill.

  • Are you in need of gentle, yet firm and loving support and guidance as you move into a greater vibration of your soul?

If this calls to you, explore co-creative choices below to further your journey. Questions, e-mail Dianna to set up a time to CHAT about the  program It’s A Vibrational Life!™

Stay Tuned for Austin’s Crystal Whisperer’s Next Event Appearance!

Check out the classes below available both online and in-person.

Gratitude Box

Celebrate September Fall Equinox 2023.

   Honor & Support The Abundance In Life!

The Gratitude Box Ceremony will focus on wishes, dreams, and goals that you want to manifest at this time in your life. 

~ Gratitude Box Is Fun! Tara M. V.

Personal Altars

Making your personal altar(s) to create sacred space is a simple meditative spiritual practice that will deepen your connection to the Divine and honor the theme(s) of your Life.

Crystals 101

Choosing…Use & Loving Care for Crystals


                                                            You are invited to join Dianna, Austin’s Crystal Whisperer ™ as we journey through the enchanting world of CRYSTALS!

Grounding & Protection 101

Every moment of our lives on Earth provides an energy exchange. These
 exchanges as we go about our days can be uplifting & inspiring or
 energy draining.

Awakening To Your Intuitive Creative Vibration

Are you awakening & ready to live a more intuitive life?

  • Identify your natural intuitive style/gift.
  • Outline Divine helpers and guides who work to help you create and make your life flow in grace and love.

~While attending my creativity and intuition felt expanded. I was able to tap into my intuiton deeper with amazing class energy and facilitator, Dianna. Loved the Workshop. Tara M. V. 2011.

Co-Creating Your
Abundant Life!™

Journey into the world of manifesting. Learn various techniques to create an abundant life!

Crystal Land

A Fun, Interactive Workshop for the Whole Family!

Ages 5 & Up.

Fascinated with crystals? Enjoy crafts & activities which provide a basic introduction to crystals; their care and use.