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Crystal Land™Workshop…

Ages 5 & Up.
Fascinated with crystals? Enjoy crafts & activities which provide a basic introduction to crystals; their care and use.


  • Atoms, molecules, & crystals, Oh My!
  • Crystals ~ natural transmitters. How do they work? Explore energy forms working with crystals such as magnetic & sound energy etc.
  • The importance of clearing/cleansing crystals.
  • Choosing your crystals.
  • Crystals, more than beauty. Using crystals as a tool in everyday life ~ “charging” or “programming”.
  • Explore basic wire wrapping! Enjoy connecting/tuning into a crystal, and creating your very own piece of Crystal Jewelry. *Crystals will be available for sale.

WHEN: Saturday, July 13, 2024.

WHERE: Casa de Luz, Golden Gaia Fair.

Energy Exchange: $75 per family. One adult caregiver (18 & over) for each group must be present at the location during the in-person workshop.

Event Includes…

  • Self-paced hands-on activities.
  • 1 take-away crystal information sheet per family.
  • A tumbled stone per child from the crystal dig.
  • One wire set per child/per family for the jewelry wrapping activity.
  • A mini crystal personal shopping coaching session with Dianna, Austin’s Crystal Whisperer to choose 1 jewelry crystal per child in each family. *Crystals and/or kits are sold separately.