Crystals 101

Choosing…Use & Loving Care for Crystals

Ages 18 & Up!


  • How crystals work.
  • The importance of clearing/cleansing crystals & various methods.
  • How to Activate a crystal, Protection & Grounding, Crystal energy experience.
  • Crystals, more than beauty. Using crystals as a tool ~ “charging” or programming.
  • Tuning into our “crystal friends” and Much More!

Handouts & Materials.

A 20-minute individual hands-on session learning and practicing how you tune-in to crystals. *Additional crystals available for purchase.

❖Featuring an afternoon with local wire wrapper, Tamatha, “Create something meaningful with intuitive wire wrapping”. *Crystals & materials included.

When: TBA


Energy Exchange: $95. * Combine with Basic Crystal Wire Wrapping Afternoon Workshop $150.

$95 for Crystals 101 and $150 for both Crystals 101 and the Basic Crystal Wire Wrapping Workshop.