2024 Crystals Helpers & Color

I like to tune in each year to see which crystals would like to assist with the upcoming year and lately, I have taken to receiving a color for the year.

This year was a bit different. I have been told the year is starting later energetically and the extra time it took to receive the Crystals this year was no exception.

Another 2024 difference occurred when the Guides kept highlighting crystals that are rare and expensive until I explained that it is difficult for those of us on Earth to obtain crystals that are considered “rare” and to please offer more common alternatives.

2024 has a strong emphasis on restoring your Soul, and the Ultimate Level of Abundance, “Your Soul’s Purpose” the work/plans our Soul brought with us. Every crystal that stepped forward offered to work with the Soul in order to strengthen our growth and evolution.

Crystal choices to help us navigate the 2024 energies…


Brandenburg – Carries the imprint of your Soul and moves you forward on your Soul’s path. To find the Brandenburg unique to you, call for it before you start looking.

Hackmanite- Connects the higher self to the physical plane acting as a cosmic anchor while integrating the light body attuning spiritual gifts to the present moment. Assists in being your true self.

Girasol-Blue Opal-Enhances communication between Soul Groups showing the benefit in the present life.

Tangerine Dream Lemurian- Activates Soul-based creativity. Balances the Spiritual Blueprint to create space for the higher vibrational light body.

More Easily Obtained

Uncut/Raw Sapphire. Pink Sapphire- Attract all you need to evolve. Blue Sapphire encourages you to seek your spiritual truth.

Septarian – Great to work with your personal dragon. If you desire to meet your personal dragon place a Septarian on your third eye during meditation.

Bloodstone- Assists in bringing spirituality into everyday life. Helps to live in the moment and understand that chaos precedes transformation.

Celestite- The crystal of the Angels. It creates a sanctuary for your Soul and offers a safe space to explore your higher self and learn the wisdom of the Divine.

Smokey Quartz- Teaches one how to leave behind anything that no longer serves. *Make sure you choose a stone that has not been artificially irradiated (typically very black and non-transparent).

***As always make sure you cleanse and clear any crystal before working with it.

2024 Color – Gold

The Gold card from the deck half appeared when I first tuned in and I thought, “No gold is too obvious for the level of abundance appearing this year,” so I put it back and tried again. The next time the card jumped out and fell on the floor. Okay, all resistance stops now! I laughed aloud thanking the Guides for making it clear.

“Gold Provides clarity in decision making, attracting abundance, expanding awareness and clearing a path toward Soul wisdom and knowledge.” The Secret Language of Color cards by Inna Segal/ www.InnaSegal.com

Activate abundance by focusing on sending golden light into each palm and your heart.