Divine Timing

Recently, I became inspired by a post about not being so hard on ourselves from Bridgette Parent in her group, https://www.facebook.com/groups/spiritualseekersofaustin/
Time and time again this has come up when I have been doing a reading with a client and the overwhelming feeling & message for each… “Just Be, It’s that simple you don’t need to take any specific action or search for what you should be doing and/or when you should do it, Just Be! Your Soul being present and here in this moment is all that is necessary.” Maybe the direction/question is “How do I allow my Soul to come through and show up as I move through this lifetime?”.
I listened to a country song this morning and one line haunted me at 23 the singer had mastered and become his best drinker but at 24 he would be gone. Finally, he reached the point where he was questioning if the action he had taken in his life to this point had been the best for his Soul and the work he was here to do as well as how he might change course but without the 23 years he would not have reached this moment. Naturally, he wished this moment would have come much earlier in life but we all have Free Will which creates “Life”.
In this moment are you ready to connect with your Soul, and discover if you are letting yourself “Just Be” to do your Soul’s work or if the next step is to change course?