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Origin: Africa, the closest area to the original ancient location in the present time is around the upper edge of Mozambique between Malawi and Zimbabwe possibly touching the bottom edge of Zambia.


Above Photos © Zee

ROBLES~ This is slightly similar in our current language to the name of this ancient rock/tool. It is odd to think of Sanskrit as a modern language however, this culture does. Its name bears some resemblance to certain Sanskrit symbols and is very boxy in appearance. I was led to draw a very linear name. The name also consists of elements of Sacred Geometry. Later this was confirmed in the photos on the left drawn by the miner, Zee who assisted Mother Earth in the birth of this awesome discovery. Again, this is as far as we can go in our more modern language.

Photo © Dianna, Austin’s Crystal Whisperer

Earth is the planet all Starseed beings come to learn about emotion (We are all Starseed decedents). It was very important to this culture who created the rock to have a record of what they were learning and to preserve it for future light beings.

Think of this rock as a tool for encoding early forms of emotion as they were experienced. A historical record in journal form so to speak. Emotion was seen as a geographical reference in those times.  Often when you hold one of these crystals you will experience the translation of the geographical location where that emotion was experienced when the crystal was created. This culture had a form of travel that was in the moment and they were a mecca for visitors from other cultures so the environment they created was a place to exchange ideas & knowledge as well this tool.

Healing comes when working with this crystal in the form of remembering the past in order to create universal oneness in the present. A few Masters/Guides have studied these crystals as a form of philosophy when beginning their path in order to better assist those they offer guidance. In this way, certain Masters will come to you when working with this crystal.

This is not a crystal to work with in a rush. In the beginning, you will find its energy slow and quiet. After all, it is just now discovering a voice after a very long time. Moving forward it will be interesting to see if the connection quickens, and how it begins to work with our present life moment. It was no accident that this crystal was discovered when we need it most as we move into the new Earth.

By Dianna, Austin’s Crystal Whisperer on October 23, 2021




2019 Crystal Helpers

Crystals to assist with 2019:

1. Amber~ Crystal communicated that downloads have what could be described as a type of “nerve ending”. Amber will coat/insulate those “nerve endings” attached to the downloads in order to promote a smoother assimilation of the information brought to us in 2019.

2. Moonstone~ Crystal communicated that it assists with learning/mastering a fourth year skill we are bring back into consciousness. Moving safely with ease into and back out of portals (work often done in our dreams but available to accomplish anytime). *During this shift in our evolution toward becoming bio-crystalline we are re-learning skills. The prior 3 years centered on the “Tele’s” or Telepathy, Tele Transformation/Transportation, Telekinesis.

Finding Your Pink…Emotional Body Maintenance

2018, the year of the emotional body! As this year ends, many are feeling a huge rush of last minute need to clear the emotional issues that continue to present themselves for healing as we rapidly move toward 2019.

Often the questions posed this year during a crystal reading/personal shopping session centered around the heart chakra and relationships. Sitting surrounded by crystals, Spirit shared a tool for working with those emotional heart chakra concerns called, “Finding Your Pink”.

We each have four bodies that create our master blueprint; the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental. As DaEl Walker states, “entering the seven octaves of human existence has affect…lessening of perfection of the original Master Blueprint”.

Rose Quartz

It is important to find your pink and have that crystal on hand for those times when we need to heal & bring balance to our emotional body. If additional support is needed, a DaEl Walker trained crystal healer can provide a technique called the Four Color Healing Process restoring the “Master Blueprint of the Perfect Cell Memory”.

Pink Kunzite Wand

When I am feeling out of balance emotionally, I grab my cleared/cleansed pink kunzite wand, activate it, and place it on my heart. I feel such a sense of peace when it finishes the work, and when I remove the crystal it is warm or even very hot to the touch.


The “Pinks” seem to have a hierarchy increasing in frequency;  Rose Quartz, Rhodocrosite, Rhodonite, Pink Tourmaline, then Mangano/Pink Calcite, and finally Pink Kunzite.

Pink Halite.

Pink  Dolomite

Mango  Calcite



We can work with all of them however, everyone has their “core pink” which connects with that soul’s emotional body.

Pink Tourmaline

Locate all of these crystals in a crystal store, and “BE” with each one. As you hold the crystal  become aware of which one resonates with you the most. It could be anything that comes into your awareness a feeling of warmth/cool, tingling, a knowing, a pulsing, a feeling of peace etc.

Often it is a very subtle difference between the pinks, but there is always one that you have a stronger connection with and that is your “core pink”. Keep it in a special place away from a lot of energy/traffic. A crystal altar is a good space to place your crystal, so it is ready for the next wave of emotional intensity in your life.


Dianna, Austin’s Crystal Whisperer                                                                                     12/3/2018


Spring Forward!

A Note From Austin’s Crystal Whisperer:

This year more than ever I am feeling time speeding up. I thought last year went quickly but did we even have January & February this year before it was time once again to set the clocks an hour ahead? Anyone else noticing the loss of a 24 hour day? We no longer experience 24 hours in a day even though the world is still operating in that old time paradigm. More than ever this year I am hearing, “I just don’t seem to accomplish what I used to in a day”. “I wake up & evening arrives before I know it”.

I have also noticed an interesting pattern in the crystal store lately. Selenite & other meditative, intuitive, third eye stones have become much more popular this year. Now of course the obvious is that a wonderful increase in those who are awakening is occurring in even greater numbers than 2014 which in my experience is very true. Another likelihood, a rise in the knowing that now more than ever we need to heal our issues, and keep our aura/energy cleansed & clear to deal with the constant energy shifts (Selenite wands & regular energy balancing/healing are favorite tools for the toolkit).

Let us consider a more subtle possibility as to the increased interest in crown chakra/third eye/heart chakra crystals like Selenite, Labradorite, or for those partial to the angelic kingdom, Celestite; TIME. Are we feeling that time is more than minutes, hours, days, years etc.? Instead, could the old paradigm of “time” be replaced by the reality of connection in the universe or being in the moment in turn drawing us to crystal tools that assist in this shift? Not what we accomplish in a day (multi-tasking to make the most of 24 hours) but the quality of how we accomplish or react to the day (intuitive/heart centered reaction)? Is the illusion we call “time” sped up or are we feeling the increase of intensity? Doe s intensity create a shorter, day, month, year making those awakened/awakening drawn to the necessity of intuitive tools & skills?

As stated before amplified energy & emotional shifts as well as powerful eclipse, equinox, & solstice dates will increase in 2015. The beginning of this year has been no exception.  This would be a good year to experiment with the Young Living Emotional Release Technique or work on an individual basis with the essential oil, Present Time. In any case, make sure you at least keep handy the essential oil, Joy.

In the Crystal Realm, the request is to highlight, Mangano or Pink Calcite as helpful in dealing with the amplified emotional energy shifts of 2015. Connecting to the angelic realm, it has a gentle heart-centered energy that brings a sigh/deep breath of release from fear, grief, trauma, stress, & feelings of being not good enough. Holding or placing on the heart returns balance to your personal power. Mangano Calcite allows access to a whole team of angels cheering you on, and bringing that peaceful feeling, “all is as it should be in this moment”.

Blessings,                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Dianna

Welcome the Year of “The Speed of Intense Change”.

A Note From Austin’s Crystal Whisperer:

2015: Year of “The Speed of Intense Change”.

This year our dreams will become much more lucid & clear. It is a wonderful time to practice observing your dreams. To enhance awareness try placing a couple drops of Young Living’s Dream Catcher on your pillow, Awaken on the temples, and Motivation on the chest.

A few nights ago, I woke up with the thought to put Immupower on my throat which I do to boost the immune system. Warm & cozy, I told myself to wait until morning. I heard clearly, “Do it now”! Promptly, I located & applied the Immupower, and the next day was energy filled and productive. Think it; do it, Archangel Metatron went on to say that 2015 will be the year to practice awareness & action on our thoughts. The goal is to become automatic co-creators. My next question, “How will we know if this thought is the right one to act on. The reply, “You will just know, child” with a rushing feeling of the energy that creates the word intuition to complete the sentence. Intuitive thoughts will come with increased speed this year. Think/Intuit; Do it. Think and it will appear/occur. It can be that fast.

Balance and keeping our feet on the ground are key in 2015 as we continue to receive intense coding energy and perceive chaos in our world. Fortunately, we will experience powerful eclipse, equinox, & solstice dates in 2015 as shared by Earth-Keeper, James Tyberonn. It is important to set aside time on these dates, especially the eclipses, to look deep within for clarity in healing personal issues.

In the Crystal Realm, the request is to highlight, Amphibole Quartz/Angel Phantom Quartz as helpful in dealing with the energy of 2015. It has a transformative, earthy, protective, gentle energy that brings deep inner peace. A comforting hug from the crystalline kingdom. Holding this crystal brings your team to provide balance by breaking-up old patterns and connecting you once again with the wisdom of your soul.


The World Is My Clay!

Greetings as I have just returned from the Earth-Keeper Scottsdale/Sedona WESAK Workshop with an extended visit to Jerome, Cottonwood, Grand Canyon, AZ., and Albuquerque, NM.

The workshop was an amazing time! To be in community with 450 souls who love crystals, there are no words! I am still taking it all in, and for all those that have asked in the past, I finally met the delightful Adrianne Goff (one of the many featured speakers). The conference provided wisdom from our host Earth-Keeper, James Tyberonn( his passion for crystals, humanity, & Earth shine brightly), Zuni Elder Clifford Mahooty (filled with authentic, solid, humorous energy) was also present to speak of American Indian experience with those who have visited the tribal lands from other stars/galaxies in our universe. Linda Robinson & Cathy Kominos led us through exercise to practice receiving goddess energy of the Hathors. We experienced a group meditation ceremony with Sha- Na Ra the Mayan crystal skull which is one of 2 still available today on Earth (Max being the other) of the 13 original Atlantean crystal skulls, as well as a personal session with Sha- Na Ra connecting with awesome crystal wisdom. Adam Yellowbird (An inspiring soul with such reverent & generous gentle energy!) led us in a Sedona ceremony to honor our Earth, and will be leading those who wish to experience a vision quest in September of this year. We were offered a peak at this experience through the gifting of a crystal infused with the energy of Shamans Dome. Many, many more speakers, a store offering high quality clear crystals, our resort created from the 5 elements forming a beautiful oasis, and the WESAK moon rounded out a wonderful experience.

My journey both pre & post workshop began with the feeling of pilgrimage, and my awareness would be drawn many times to small details forming the intricately woven threads of energy we use co-create our human experience.

One of the first details continuously brought to my awareness as I drove America’s Highways that I would like to express my gratitude toward is the trucking industry. It is easy to overlook those who weave throughout this nation carrying the backbone of our economy.

A culture, along with many others, we take for granted in the comfort of our day to day lives. That said, I next became aware that I had become comfortably stuck creating boundaries in my existence making the world seem small & restricted to the four walls of my home, the Travis county line and surrounding areas of Round Rock, Georgetown, Bastrop etc. It is easy to forget that many facets of life are humming along in harmony with our day to day life. Nothing like experiencing a vortex in Sedona, the Grand Canyon, a storm in the desert with lightning moving in a grand arc both horizontally and vertically across the sky to realize that our existence is infinite and awe-inspiring!

Visiting the Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona while standing viewing the surrounding vortex, Spirit whispered the phrase, “The World Is My Clay”. The World Is My Clay; a beautiful world continues to be molded each moment from the small purple flowers of the green plants surrounding our hotel patio, sand forming shape with the delicacy of whip cream, the amazing energy and lives of the people I met especially, my workshop roommates Dena & Rose, the Jerome artist patiently working her life purpose in an outdoor office (who needs walls!), the magical crystal shop with displays of synergistic color and crystal energy, the squirrel who sits posing with quiet steady confidence as shutters joyfully snap to capture such a “cute” creature. The World Is My Clay; as the Navajo wares are displayed roadside heading toward Cameron, the shacks appear row after row in Clovis; the road continues, Welcome to Texas! Oil rigs pumping rhythmically, Lubbock, Abilene, out of the dark CedarPark, Hwy 183 and the familiar road. Unpacking and storing each small detail to memory, The World Is My Clay. The next adventure in my own back yard, cross country, or a distant land remains to be seen but I carry in my heart the wisdom from Spirit, The World Is My Clay!

Hanksite: The Ultimate Cough Drop


I would like to share my recent experience with a crystal called Hanksite or Halite. One day during my quiet time, a page in a crystal book caught my attention, and as I read about Hanksite I was drawn to it because it mentioned that this is a crystal that draws toxic energy. I am always looking to add to my energy protection toolkit so; I did a little crystal personal shopping for myself choosing 2 Hanksite crystals that fit together as a pair who told me they were willing to work with me if they could stay together. I cleaned/cleared these crystals and then put them away. A few weeks later, I developed a cough that would not go away and kept me awake all night. All of the sudden as I set up in a chair during the night with a cough drop hoping at some point to be able to sleep again, I remembered my Hanksite crystals and that I had also read this crystal has healing properties toward inflamed mucus membranes. Aha, now I knew why Hanksite had appeared in my life at this time! I located my crystals, fit them together, and began an instinctive downward feather like stroke around my lungs. Soon the cough quieted, and I was able to lie down & sleep. I kept the crystals next to me in the bed so I would not wake up again. Aaah, a good night’s sleep, Heaven! I call my Hanksite crystals the “ultimate cough drop”, and I am very grateful for CRYSTALS once again coming to my aid and meeting my needs. Spirit has given us a wonderful tool, the Crystal!



Seven Color Prosperity Stone

Spring, a time when nature is awakening into full abundant bloom. As we approach the Vernal Equinox nature is sending us a clear energetic message. It is time to move forward with what we gathered in the fall to sustain our beings, and reflected upon during the winter to discern what no longer serves in our world into full creation with the energy “birthed”. A time to move from intent to form.

Ammolite or the “Seven Color Prosperity Stone” as some Feng Shui masters have termed this crystal is a tool to consider when pulling this abundant energy into form. Placed in the home it is said to bring wealth, health, vitality, and happiness. Business can also benefit by placing this crystal on the property.

Please share your Crystal Abundance/Crystal Feng Shui stories below.



Favorite Abundance Tools

…Speaking of manifestation let’s talk about 3 of my favorite actualizing tools to co-create your life. Young Living’s Abundance essential oil; the crystals of citrine, and un-polished emerald.

I use Abundance essential oil by placing a drop on the checks I write, documents I sign, and the cash I carry. I so enjoy purchasing items and experiencing that delicious natural aroma as I pull out bills to exchange. It pleasantly reminds me of the abundance in my everyday life. I store it on my personal altar for abundance and manifestation along with a citrine and emerald crystal in order to have a visual reminder everyday (of course my altar would not be complete without my gratitude box and vision board).

Citrine holds the golden power of the sun, and is an abundance crystal. Try putting it in the wealth corner of your home or vision board. Emerald, a stone of the physical body is also a crystal which provides inspiration and patience during the journey.

Many Blessings,