Spring Forward!

A Note From Austin’s Crystal Whisperer:

This year more than ever I am feeling time speeding up. I thought last year went quickly but did we even have January & February this year before it was time once again to set the clocks an hour ahead? Anyone else noticing the loss of a 24 hour day? We no longer experience 24 hours in a day even though the world is still operating in that old time paradigm. More than ever this year I am hearing, “I just don’t seem to accomplish what I used to in a day”. “I wake up & evening arrives before I know it”.

I have also noticed an interesting pattern in the crystal store lately. Selenite & other meditative, intuitive, third eye stones have become much more popular this year. Now of course the obvious is that a wonderful increase in those who are awakening is occurring in even greater numbers than 2014 which in my experience is very true. Another likelihood, a rise in the knowing that now more than ever we need to heal our issues, and keep our aura/energy cleansed & clear to deal with the constant energy shifts (Selenite wands & regular energy balancing/healing are favorite tools for the toolkit).

Let us consider a more subtle possibility as to the increased interest in crown chakra/third eye/heart chakra crystals like Selenite, Labradorite, or for those partial to the angelic kingdom, Celestite; TIME. Are we feeling that time is more than minutes, hours, days, years etc.? Instead, could the old paradigm of “time” be replaced by the reality of connection in the universe or being in the moment in turn drawing us to crystal tools that assist in this shift? Not what we accomplish in a day (multi-tasking to make the most of 24 hours) but the quality of how we accomplish or react to the day (intuitive/heart centered reaction)? Is the illusion we call “time” sped up or are we feeling the increase of intensity? Doe s intensity create a shorter, day, month, year making those awakened/awakening drawn to the necessity of intuitive tools & skills?

As stated before amplified energy & emotional shifts as well as powerful eclipse, equinox, & solstice dates will increase in 2015. The beginning of this year has been no exception.  This would be a good year to experiment with the Young Living Emotional Release Technique or work on an individual basis with the essential oil, Present Time. In any case, make sure you at least keep handy the essential oil, Joy.

In the Crystal Realm, the request is to highlight, Mangano or Pink Calcite as helpful in dealing with the amplified emotional energy shifts of 2015. Connecting to the angelic realm, it has a gentle heart-centered energy that brings a sigh/deep breath of release from fear, grief, trauma, stress, & feelings of being not good enough. Holding or placing on the heart returns balance to your personal power. Mangano Calcite allows access to a whole team of angels cheering you on, and bringing that peaceful feeling, “all is as it should be in this moment”.

Blessings,                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Dianna