Finding Your Pink…Emotional Body Maintenance

2018, the year of the emotional body! As this year ends, many are feeling a huge rush of last minute need to clear the emotional issues that continue to present themselves for healing as we rapidly move toward 2019.

Often the questions posed this year during a crystal reading/personal shopping session centered around the heart chakra and relationships. Sitting surrounded by crystals, Spirit shared a tool for working with those emotional heart chakra concerns called, “Finding Your Pink”.

We each have four bodies that create our master blueprint; the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental. As DaEl Walker states, “entering the seven octaves of human existence has affect…lessening of perfection of the original Master Blueprint”.

Rose Quartz

It is important to find your pink and have that crystal on hand for those times when we need to heal & bring balance to our emotional body. If additional support is needed, a DaEl Walker trained crystal healer can provide a technique called the Four Color Healing Process restoring the “Master Blueprint of the Perfect Cell Memory”.

Pink Kunzite Wand

When I am feeling out of balance emotionally, I grab my cleared/cleansed pink kunzite wand, activate it, and place it on my heart. I feel such a sense of peace when it finishes the work, and when I remove the crystal it is warm or even very hot to the touch.


The “Pinks” seem to have a hierarchy increasing in frequency;  Rose Quartz, Rhodocrosite, Rhodonite, Pink Tourmaline, then Mangano/Pink Calcite, and finally Pink Kunzite.

Pink Halite.
Pink  Dolomite
Mango  Calcite



We can work with all of them however, everyone has their “core pink” which connects with that soul’s emotional body.

Pink Tourmaline

Locate all of these crystals in a crystal store, and “BE” with each one. As you hold the crystal  become aware of which one resonates with you the most. It could be anything that comes into your awareness a feeling of warmth/cool, tingling, a knowing, a pulsing, a feeling of peace etc.

Often it is a very subtle difference between the pinks, but there is always one that you have a stronger connection with and that is your “core pink”. Keep it in a special place away from a lot of energy/traffic. A crystal altar is a good space to place your crystal, so it is ready for the next wave of emotional intensity in your life.


Dianna, Austin’s Crystal Whisperer                                                                                     12/3/2018