Welcome the Year of “The Speed of Intense Change”.

A Note From Austin’s Crystal Whisperer:

2015: Year of “The Speed of Intense Change”.

This year our dreams will become much more lucid & clear. It is a wonderful time to practice observing your dreams. To enhance awareness try placing a couple drops of Young Living’s Dream Catcher on your pillow, Awaken on the temples, and Motivation on the chest.

A few nights ago, I woke up with the thought to put Immupower on my throat which I do to boost the immune system. Warm & cozy, I told myself to wait until morning. I heard clearly, “Do it now”! Promptly, I located & applied the Immupower, and the next day was energy filled and productive. Think it; do it, Archangel Metatron went on to say that 2015 will be the year to practice awareness & action on our thoughts. The goal is to become automatic co-creators. My next question, “How will we know if this thought is the right one to act on. The reply, “You will just know, child” with a rushing feeling of the energy that creates the word intuition to complete the sentence. Intuitive thoughts will come with increased speed this year. Think/Intuit; Do it. Think and it will appear/occur. It can be that fast.

Balance and keeping our feet on the ground are key in 2015 as we continue to receive intense coding energy and perceive chaos in our world. Fortunately, we will experience powerful eclipse, equinox, & solstice dates in 2015 as shared by Earth-Keeper, James Tyberonn. It is important to set aside time on these dates, especially the eclipses, to look deep within for clarity in healing personal issues.

In the Crystal Realm, the request is to highlight, Amphibole Quartz/Angel Phantom Quartz as helpful in dealing with the energy of 2015. It has a transformative, earthy, protective, gentle energy that brings deep inner peace. A comforting hug from the crystalline kingdom. Holding this crystal brings your team to provide balance by breaking-up old patterns and connecting you once again with the wisdom of your soul.