The World Is My Clay!

Greetings as I have just returned from the Earth-Keeper Scottsdale/Sedona WESAK Workshop with an extended visit to Jerome, Cottonwood, Grand Canyon, AZ., and Albuquerque, NM.

The workshop was an amazing time! To be in community with 450 souls who love crystals, there are no words! I am still taking it all in, and for all those that have asked in the past, I finally met the delightful Adrianne Goff (one of the many featured speakers). The conference provided wisdom from our host Earth-Keeper, James Tyberonn( his passion for crystals, humanity, & Earth shine brightly), Zuni Elder Clifford Mahooty (filled with authentic, solid, humorous energy) was also present to speak of American Indian experience with those who have visited the tribal lands from other stars/galaxies in our universe. Linda Robinson & Cathy Kominos led us through exercise to practice receiving goddess energy of the Hathors. We experienced a group meditation ceremony with Sha- Na Ra the Mayan crystal skull which is one of 2 still available today on Earth (Max being the other) of the 13 original Atlantean crystal skulls, as well as a personal session with Sha- Na Ra connecting with awesome crystal wisdom. Adam Yellowbird (An inspiring soul with such reverent & generous gentle energy!) led us in a Sedona ceremony to honor our Earth, and will be leading those who wish to experience a vision quest in September of this year. We were offered a peak at this experience through the gifting of a crystal infused with the energy of Shamans Dome. Many, many more speakers, a store offering high quality clear crystals, our resort created from the 5 elements forming a beautiful oasis, and the WESAK moon rounded out a wonderful experience.

My journey both pre & post workshop began with the feeling of pilgrimage, and my awareness would be drawn many times to small details forming the intricately woven threads of energy we use co-create our human experience.

One of the first details continuously brought to my awareness as I drove America’s Highways that I would like to express my gratitude toward is the trucking industry. It is easy to overlook those who weave throughout this nation carrying the backbone of our economy.

A culture, along with many others, we take for granted in the comfort of our day to day lives. That said, I next became aware that I had become comfortably stuck creating boundaries in my existence making the world seem small & restricted to the four walls of my home, the Travis county line and surrounding areas of Round Rock, Georgetown, Bastrop etc. It is easy to forget that many facets of life are humming along in harmony with our day to day life. Nothing like experiencing a vortex in Sedona, the Grand Canyon, a storm in the desert with lightning moving in a grand arc both horizontally and vertically across the sky to realize that our existence is infinite and awe-inspiring!

Visiting the Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona while standing viewing the surrounding vortex, Spirit whispered the phrase, “The World Is My Clay”. The World Is My Clay; a beautiful world continues to be molded each moment from the small purple flowers of the green plants surrounding our hotel patio, sand forming shape with the delicacy of whip cream, the amazing energy and lives of the people I met especially, my workshop roommates Dena & Rose, the Jerome artist patiently working her life purpose in an outdoor office (who needs walls!), the magical crystal shop with displays of synergistic color and crystal energy, the squirrel who sits posing with quiet steady confidence as shutters joyfully snap to capture such a “cute” creature. The World Is My Clay; as the Navajo wares are displayed roadside heading toward Cameron, the shacks appear row after row in Clovis; the road continues, Welcome to Texas! Oil rigs pumping rhythmically, Lubbock, Abilene, out of the dark CedarPark, Hwy 183 and the familiar road. Unpacking and storing each small detail to memory, The World Is My Clay. The next adventure in my own back yard, cross country, or a distant land remains to be seen but I carry in my heart the wisdom from Spirit, The World Is My Clay!