Hanksite: The Ultimate Cough Drop


I would like to share my recent experience with a crystal called Hanksite or Halite. One day during my quiet time, a page in a crystal book caught my attention, and as I read about Hanksite I was drawn to it because it mentioned that this is a crystal that draws toxic energy. I am always looking to add to my energy protection toolkit so; I did a little crystal personal shopping for myself choosing 2 Hanksite crystals that fit together as a pair who told me they were willing to work with me if they could stay together. I cleaned/cleared these crystals and then put them away. A few weeks later, I developed a cough that would not go away and kept me awake all night. All of the sudden as I set up in a chair during the night with a cough drop hoping at some point to be able to sleep again, I remembered my Hanksite crystals and that I had also read this crystal has healing properties toward inflamed mucus membranes. Aha, now I knew why Hanksite had appeared in my life at this time! I located my crystals, fit them together, and began an instinctive downward feather like stroke around my lungs. Soon the cough quieted, and I was able to lie down & sleep. I kept the crystals next to me in the bed so I would not wake up again. Aaah, a good night’s sleep, Heaven! I call my Hanksite crystals the “ultimate cough drop”, and I am very grateful for CRYSTALS once again coming to my aid and meeting my needs. Spirit has given us a wonderful tool, the Crystal!