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Origin: Africa, the closest area to the original ancient location in the present time is around the upper edge of Mozambique between Malawi and Zimbabwe possibly touching the bottom edge of Zambia.


Above Photos © Zee

ROBLES~ This is slightly similar in our current language to the name of this ancient rock/tool. It is odd to think of Sanskrit as a modern language however, this culture does. Its name bears some resemblance to certain Sanskrit symbols and is very boxy in appearance. I was led to draw a very linear name. The name also consists of elements of Sacred Geometry. Later this was confirmed in the photos on the left drawn by the miner, Zee who assisted Mother Earth in the birth of this awesome discovery. Again, this is as far as we can go in our more modern language.

Photo © Dianna, Austin’s Crystal Whisperer

Earth is the planet all Starseed beings come to learn about emotion (We are all Starseed decedents). It was very important to this culture who created the rock to have a record of what they were learning and to preserve it for future light beings.

Think of this rock as a tool for encoding early forms of emotion as they were experienced. A historical record in journal form so to speak. Emotion was seen as a geographical reference in those times.  Often when you hold one of these crystals you will experience the translation of the geographical location where that emotion was experienced when the crystal was created. This culture had a form of travel that was in the moment and they were a mecca for visitors from other cultures so the environment they created was a place to exchange ideas & knowledge as well this tool.

Healing comes when working with this crystal in the form of remembering the past in order to create universal oneness in the present. A few Masters/Guides have studied these crystals as a form of philosophy when beginning their path in order to better assist those they offer guidance. In this way, certain Masters will come to you when working with this crystal.

This is not a crystal to work with in a rush. In the beginning, you will find its energy slow and quiet. After all, it is just now discovering a voice after a very long time. Moving forward it will be interesting to see if the connection quickens, and how it begins to work with our present life moment. It was no accident that this crystal was discovered when we need it most as we move into the new Earth.

By Dianna, Austin’s Crystal Whisperer on October 23, 2021