7 Planets In Retrograde During August/September 2023!

7 planets in retrograde and one continuing into 2024 you might feel like hiding out this year.

Retrogrades have always had a bad reputation spelling chaotic challenging times in life but wait let’s look at the gift of planetary retrogrades.

  • Do the follow-ups on a project already started.
  • Wrap up or complete a project already started.
  • Research a new project thoroughly.
  • Catch up on paperwork.
  • Hold an information sharing meeting.
  • Enjoy a friend or colleague’s wacky sense of humor instead of trying to communicate something.
  • Change your daily routine.
  • Focus on your commitment to self-care.
  • A chance to slow down and reap the healing benefits that particular planetary retrograde offers.
  • Time for change or a new concise direction toward the life you desire to create.

Mercury began Wednesday, August 23rd and is in Retrograde until Friday, September 15, 2023. Travel, transportation, communication and technology.

      • Try to avoid signing any legal documents or starting a project involving communication, closing a deal or making a big decision, fixing anything or installing new software, and finish that computer back up you have been putting off ahead of the retrograde.
      • Affected the Most: Gemini & Virgo.
      • Crystals to work with- Blue Lace Agate, Black Tourmaline, Black Orgonite, Shungite, Black Kyanite, Turquoise.

Venus began July 22nd and is in Retrograde until Sunday, September 3, 2023. Boundaries- personal, self-love, outlook on life and your appearance & vitality.                                                  

Signs Affected the Most: Taurus, Libra, Leo, & Aquarius.

        • Crystals to work with- Hiddenite (rare green North Carolina stone), Ruby Fuchsite, or the pinks- Pink Rhodolite, Pink Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite, Mangano/Pink Calcite, Pink Kunzite.*See ACW website article Finding Your Pink.

Saturn began June 17th and is in Retrograde until Saturday, November 4, 2023. Boundaries-career, spiritual review, paying back Karmic debts, commitment to rituals and self-care.

Signs Affected the Most: Capricorn, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, & Pices.

          • Crystal to work with- Hematite, Citrine, Amethyst, Snowflake Obsidian, Lapis Lazuli, Howlite.

Neptune began July 1st is in Retrograde until Wednesday, December 6, 2023. Profound healing opportunities, creativity, intuition & spiritual connection heightened if open.

Signs Affected the Most: All Star Signs.

      • Crystal to work with- Clear Quartz, Selenite, Labradorite, Amethyst, Celestite, Apophyllite.

Pluto began May 1st and is in Retrograde until Tuesday, October 10, 2023. Deep instinct and change/changes in the home. Reclaim your personal power and prioritize purpose driven actions.

Signs Affected the Most: All Star Signs.

        • Crystal to work with- Moonstone, Moldavite, Agate, Bloodstone, Snow Quartz, Chrysocolla.

Chiron began on July 19th and is in Retrograde until Tuesday, December 26, 2023. Highlights wellness, daily rituals, & core wounds tied to personality. Shining a light on harmful lifestyle patterns that may be creating a poor relationship between you and your body.

Signs Affected the Most: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn.

        • Crystal to work with- Clear Quartz, Green Aventurine, Fluorite, Amphibole Quartz, Orange Calcite, Epidote.

Jupiter began on September 5th and is in Retrograde until Sunday, December 31, 2023. What values are important to you and align your goals with them one small thing at a time.

Affected the Most: Taurus and Sagittarius.

        • Crystal to work with- Yellow Sapphire, Blue Apatite, Smokey Quartz, Bumble Bee Jasper, Mookaite, Tiger’s Eye.

Uranus began on August 29th and is in Retrograde until Saturday, January 27th, 2024. What is not working in your day to day life? Identify routines that are not working and make a change.

Affected the Most: All Star Signs.

        • Crystal to work with- Sodalite, Rutilated Quartz, Carnelian, Sunstone, Red Jasper, Malachite (toxic, use polished form only).