Favorite Abundance Tools

…Speaking of manifestation let’s talk about 3 of my favorite actualizing tools to co-create your life. Young Living’s Abundance essential oil; the crystals of citrine, and un-polished emerald.

I use Abundance essential oil by placing a drop on the checks I write, documents I sign, and the cash I carry. I so enjoy purchasing items and experiencing that delicious natural aroma as I pull out bills to exchange. It pleasantly reminds me of the abundance in my everyday life. I store it on my personal altar for abundance and manifestation along with a citrine and emerald crystal in order to have a visual reminder everyday (of course my altar would not be complete without my gratitude box and vision board).

Citrine holds the golden power of the sun, and is an abundance crystal. Try putting it in the wealth corner of your home or vision board. Emerald, a stone of the physical body is also a crystal which provides inspiration and patience during the journey.

Many Blessings,